Kamis, 14 November 2013

Proudly Introduce Our new Familia member : Stussy

Hi guys !
I know it's been a friggin long time since I update this newspaper of ours.

Shot ! It's a shame on me. I know...
So to make up my fault, I will update it like more frequent these days man.

First thing first !!

Stussy Has joined our familia since like June 2013.
And we would like to introduce it to all our loyal familia !!

Stussy like you know, maybe is the oldest Streetwear brand ever.
Stussy has entered the business since early 1980 when some businessman meets with the legendary surfer Shawn Stussy and decide to form some business alliance.

Since then, the signature logo of Stussy has been really well known in the streetwear scene.
Even Bobby from The Hundreds acclaim Stussy as the most influental Streetwear brand nowadays !

Not to mention that Stussy have really big influence on most of the streetwear brands today.

See if you can witness their products with your own eyes at our brick n mortar store at Jalan Bahureksa 27 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Or simply surf to :

Also follow our instagram account : wormholestore


Edward Satria
Wormhole Store Owner

Kamis, 13 Desember 2012

Wormhole December Lucky Dick !!!

Hello Fellas !
Don't miss Our Christmas Promotion for You guys !

It's December Lucky DICK !

Just spend 750.000 idr at Our Store, Get chance to pick some coupon at Our Store.
It includes SAMSUNG Galaxy Nexus, MISHKA Watch, and FAMOUSSAS Shoes.

For all Our beloved customers Outside Indonesia, We are truly sorry because this Promo only Valid for offline Shopping at Our Store...

No kiddin !

Merry Christmas !
Don't miss this promo Guys !

Edward Satria
Wormhole Store Owner

Proudly Introduced Our Newest Familia Member : Acapulco Gold

It's like Our Familia is getting bigger and bigger.
Yes the newest member of Our Familia is this dope which considered the highest quality among streetwears brand.
Yes ! It's New York origin brand Acapulco Gold.

This brand is founded by Augie Galan and distributed worlwide.

They famous for their fine cut and also print quality.

Wormhole Store has been chosen to distribute their stuffs exclusively in Indonesia.
So why hesitate ?
Just surf to Our Facebook for further picture of this dope brand
Facebook : 'Wormhole St"


Edward Satria
Wormhole Store Owner

Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

REBEL8 X World Champs Exclusive

Hello Matey !

As we Promise, We are the most updated and fair price REBEL8 Dealer in Indonesia !
To keep that promise, Here some review of their newest Collabs with World Champs.

All about Sports "Winners train, Losers Complain"
What a tagline !

They are dope, They are Rare !
And least, You can only get it at Our Store !!

Go surf to our Facebook for some of their pics !
go click link below
REBEL8 X World Champs

Edward Satria
Wormhole Store Owner

Sabtu, 29 September 2012

Presenting : UNDFTD (Undefeated Inc) as the newest Familia of Wormhole Store

Hello Friends !

Hell yeah, before September left out We have surprised from our friend in Los Angeles USA !

Yes that's well baked rumor was true...
UNDFTD (Undefeated Inc) has officially come to Our Store !!

UNDFTD is a brand from Los Angeles, CA, USA.
They are on Streetwear scene and they have succeed blending it with an art of Sportswear.

Some of sportsman have endorsed by this brand.
And also Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes.

Well....Long story shorts,
Feel free to drop by at Our Store to see UNDFTD with your own eyeball.

We are the most updated store that selling this dope stuffs here !!

Check Our FB Also "Wormhole St"

And Follow our twitter

Edward Satria
Wormhole Store Owner

Jumat, 14 September 2012


Wazza !!

I know it's a bit (*cough it's a hell) too late...
But I want to post some of the dopest things We have this year...


Proudly introduced that We have sellin it before Idul Fitri...
The first one who distribute this stuffs to my fellow Indonesian people....(as alywas and will be ever after)

Today (counting this day on), It's almost all sold out...

I post some picture of the snapback...

Now it's belong to me *evil laugh*

Okay in the end...

Congratulations to all of you guys who get the stuffs...
and For all of You who didn't get this stuffs due to sold out, Next time make sure you stay tune on our Facebook and Twitter...
We always update there !

We are the fastest and the most update REBEL8 Authorized Dealer in Indonesia !!


Edward Satria
Wormhole Store Owner

REBEL8 Fall 2012 Hats Display

Well Just to share Our display for REBEL8 Fall 2012 stuffs.
Some of them are sold ot...
So it's only a few of them*beer*

Edward Satria
Wormhole Store Owner

Kamis, 13 September 2012

REBEL8 Fall 2012 Stuffs is here

Hello My Fellow Wormhole Guys !

REBEL8 Fall Stuffs Have already here in Indonesia
and sellin really damn fast

We are the first Dealer who get this dope stuffs !!
Come on Feel free to drop by at Jalan Bahureksa 27 Bandung.

Or simply click link below for fastest and urther information !

Wormhole Sore REBEL8 Fall 12

Wormhole Store Owner
Edward Satria

Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Introdroducing New Family Member : ESTEVAN ORIOL at Wormhole Store

Yeah It's True !!! Its Damn True Dudes !!!

Estevan Oriol a Los Angeles, CA (United States) Streetwear Awesome Brand is coming to Bandung City, West Java starting Yesterday (4th of July 2012).
Wormhole Store officially become the First Estevan Oriol Authorized Dealer in Indonesia.

So prepare Guys !!

Check this link below for full article, or just come to Our Facebook Page 'Wormhole St"

ESTEVAN ORIOL Collection at Wormhole

They are radical and ready to Bite some Fish !!!

Feel free to come to Our Store
Wormhole Store
Jalan Bahureksa 27 Bandung


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Author : Edward Satria (@EdwardSatria)
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